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Projects, a little out of the ordinary, are always fun to work on - such as my re-creation of the famous "Waterloo" painting, at left.

A couple asked if I could swap out the dogs in the original (shown below) and replace them with their own family pets instead.

After taking photos of their cats, I then referred to the pictures while drawing them into the scene. Their position around the table was based on their personalities. Maggie May the most dominant, would naturally have be the one to win the pot.
"Waterloo" 1906 by Coolidge - painting
- Post Card from the Past

Created from an old slide which captured a rare snow day in Palo Alto, California.

Phone lines were removed and snow was added to the bare spots.

Is nothing sacred?

Devised from the Mona Lisa
- a 60's psychedelic version

This became a semi animated web ad as well as the basis for business cards.
The 'Post Card' was turned into a set of note cards for the customer.
Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa'
In the new rendition, the color was enriched slightly, while the creases and blemishes were eliminated. Because they had only four cats, the empty spot where the bull dog sat was replaced with a bottle of Jack Daniel's.

The finished product -
a large, high-resolution print.