Yes! Problem solving techniques can be learned at an early age!

QUADZLES For Kids - 10 workbook series for ages 4 - 8. . .. . .. . . Quadzles for Kids © Copyright 2011 N.Edmonston.. . . . . Redmonstone © Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

Children love them:
With their bright colors
and interesting little faces,
and really ARE fun to solve


10 books
Designed to be written in

Ages 4 - 8

Perfect for:

Home schools
Elementary Schools

Students start with Book 1.
The puzzles become more challenging as they progress
(in order) through the series. Children begin to figure out new ways to solve them - learning different strategies along the way.
. Logic Puzzles for Kids?
Pre Sudoku Puzzles
Ignite interest in
logical thought
Learn reasoning skills
Foster independence
What's a Quadzle? Answer : A simplified sudoku-style puzzle - divided into quadrants
Easy to follow directions
Require little or no instruction
Answer keys provided in back of each book.
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